Homestead Driving Club

Homestead Drivers Club was founded to open up a new world of experiences to car, and speed enthusiasts, with various activities and special events throughout the year.

Homestead Driving Club welcomes all car brands, drivers, and even race teams. The common denominator for all of our members is their passion for cars, finding their limits on the track, and of course enjoying a lifestyle around their cars.

Homestead-Miami Speedway, located in Homestead, Florida is our home. Throughout the year, the weather is favorable with beautiful sunny days. This makes it a perfect place for long days out on the track all year around. ​ Cars are just pieces of metal, plastic, and rubber joined together but we give them life. The first requirement to join this club is your passion for cars.

Gustavo Yacaman

Founder/ CEO

An accomplished racing driver with over 20 years of experience at all levels of racing and coaching. Colombian native, born in February of 1991, speaks three languages fluently; English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Has participated in all major endurance races around the world. Le Mans 24 hours, Daytona 24 hours, Sebring 12 hours, Petit Le Mans, 6 hours of Watkins Glen are among the most recognized. Obtained podium results in most of them.

Has been coaching for over ten years. Obtained experience coaching people from all around the world in different levels of racing and life.

From karting kids and young open wheel racers trying to make a career as professional racing drivers to gentleman drivers that want to have a good time at many different levels in motorsports.

Has been part of several driving schools like “Escuela de Pilotos Emilio de Villota” in Spain and “Drive Safer” in New York, where racing and speed has not been the first priority but road safety, car control and overall advanced driver education has been the main focus.

Our Coaching

The Yacademy organization has always pride themselves in always offering the best coaching in the industry with relevant young active professional racing drivers.

These young professionals will insure that you will become safe and fast on track while doing this in an energetic and charismatic way.

Book your private coach for the day or just take some advice from our resident driver coach.

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