Frequent Questions

If I would like to come with my son what membership should I get?

If your son is 16 or older, you can pay for a Silver Membership and you will both receive a Bronce Membership for the price of the Silver.

My business partner and I want to sign up together, can we both sign up with a Silver Membership?

No, if you are not father and son, or husband and wife you must each have your own membership.

If I have a Team Membership, could I bring 5 cars to the track?

Yes, you can bring as many cars as you want. They must all use slick tires and be “race cars”. You are allowed 3 cars at no cost on any given club day and any car after 3 pays $750 for that day.

Will there be any food?

Yes, we will always have snacks, lunch and soft drinks available to our members, guest and team personal.

Can my wife or my son come with me any time and ride next to me?

Yes, once our instructors have cleared you to do so, your friends come and ride with you.

Can I bring my own driver coach?

Yes, we can allow you to bring a driver coach, but we must first approve of him and get him up to speed with our rules and regulations regarding coaching.

What happens if someone else crashes into me on the track?

We strongly suggest you get an anual trackday insurance policy. This way you will be covered no matter what happens on track. If you do not hold an insurance policy, no matter if the fault was 100% the person that hit you, you will always be liable for your own vehicle. Even if its parked on pit lane and no-one in it. You will always be responsable for your won vehicle. The club is not responsable for any incidents that happen inside or outside of the track.

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